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Company Overview:
AllClicks is a truly unique pay-per-click program. Quite simply, there currently is no other program like theirs available to webmasters.

Program Details:
So, what makes AllClicks unique? Quite simply they are the only pay-per-click program that allows you to use blind links to generate commissions. What is a blind link? It is a link that doesn't necessarily represent what is being linked to. Generally speaking, it could allow you to 'trick' your visitors into clicking on the link (see the warning below regarding this practice).

Links could easily be set up as a NEXT button on a multi-page article, or a photo thumbnail or an image. Basically, anything you want, as long as a few conditions are met (see below). Of course, this doesn't mean all links have to be blind links. Since most click-throughs currently go through to AllClicks' own search engine, ClickHereToFind.com, the Search the Web! link above would actually be a link in the traditional sense.

As for their conditions, first, click-throughs can't be generated by a robot or spider or other artificial click-inflator. Pop up consoles are prohibited, as are links that open new browser windows. 'Begging' for clicks also is not allowed. Lastly, clicks must originate from a web site (i.e. not from a newsgroup or email message).

Naturally, the blind link commission model originated on adult web sites, but AllClicks is now offering it for the rest of the webmaster community. Since AllClicks click-throughs will generally be of lower value to the advertiser than standard banner ad click-throughs, they do have to pay lower rates than the industry average of $0.10 to $0.20.

Instead, AllClicks pays just $0.03 per unique click (defined as one click per IP address per 12 hour period). At first glance this seems quite low, but the advantage that blind links provide is that they will often have a considerably higher click-through rates, since visitors might not realize they are ads.

AllClicks is also two-tier, allowing you to refer other webmasters to the program, and receive a portion of their income. Currently, this works out to 5% of each referral's income (meaning you earn about $0.01 for each 7 clicks your referrals generate).

Checks are issued bi-weekly (twice per month) once accounts have accumulated $50 in commissions. Of course, online reports are available to check your clicks referred and earnings.

Visitor Feedback:
As for reliability of payment, AllClicks has proven their mettle. Over the last few months I have carefully collected feedback from JSplash visitors and forum participants. Most agree AllClicks can be quite lucrative. A few complaints have been received about accounts being cancelled, but most have turned out to be sites that clearly broke AllClicks terms and conditions.

The trade-off of blind links is that for many web sites, 'tricking' your visitors into clicking on an ad is a quick way to surely lose their loyalty. Many web surfers will even see the practice as quite deceitful. For this reason, I highly recommend you carefully weigh the costs and benefits of using blind links before proceeding.

For some sites, especially those with very high unique visitors, and little repeat traffic, blind links might be acceptable (and quite profitable). For sites that rely heavily on repeat visitors, or are promoted mainly through word of mouth, blind links will very likely drive people away.

In other words, that $$$1/2 rating and AllClicks' revenue potential might come at a long-term price to your site.

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